e-learning - future of education?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog assignment

Richard Gatarski's Blog Grades

Five Masters
Forty4, e-grasshopper, blogproof. Boguslaw and maniana, have really impressed me – in particular Forty4. They have all been active bloggers, focused their posts on DBE-matters, as well as helped and interacted with fellow students. I learned a lot by reading their blogs and comments. Thank you!

Full assignmnet is here

Friday, October 13, 2006

Wiki-Based Web about Cracow MBA

Wiki-Based Web about Cracow MBA - does anybody want to join and make some pages about our MBA course?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Copyrights issue

This post refers to copyrights issue of our blogs

There is really interesting discussion and lesson between Rille and Fredrik on aedbe blog. Copyrights are always problematic. In my blog I tried always thinking about copyrights. Now I am even lost what is copyright violation and what is not...

Not-mine thought or texts

  • Of course there are not-mine materials on my blog but their are marked and always linked to the source. Well, I usually tired to write italic what I have pasted on my blog. Always there is a link to the source I have copied-pasted
  • Sometimes like on the post The end of the books? I just said stright "This text is taken from the The end of the books? article published in The Guardian" - hope it is enough not to violate copyrights (but I didn't check if Creative Commons
    license is enough to Guardian, I hope it is enough)
  • I used one image that is found at google image search without giving a credit... I've corrected it. I will make my own image in Gimp.

Copyright management

Copyrights management is very important in publishing/e-learning business. There are thousands of images, texts, quotations, lyrics that are copyrighted. You need to use a computer systems that calculates number of copied printed/sold or number of used images. It is quite complicated when you use for example quantity-license rather then time-license. (you e.g. may have permission to use an image 100 000 times and it maybe used in many textbooks and in many releases). Such system must calculate each use of the image in all books you have published!

Internet is full of information. Some of them are for free but some other... copyrighted. Personally, I like much more free content but we must take assumption that all is copyrighted (unless marked).

Saturday, September 23, 2006

E-learning blog - Summary

Time is over!
My countdown clock definitely shows that time of writing blog is over (now the timer shows time after deadline). That’s why I decided to write summary posts.

What I have done?
Well...During 4 months (with some breaks) I tried to discover the possibility of e-tools that may give opportunity or threat publishers or just change the environment in which traditional textbook publishing house operates. Additionally, I went though many DBE tools that maybe or may not be use in e-learning.

Writing my blog I did it from the perspective of students/pupils in the age of 3-19 because WSiP (company I work for) operates in that segment. E-learning is for sure much more developed in the professional business trainings and in academic education. Today we can easily study on-line!

E-learning is the future of education!
However, we can not easily predict when the blackboard will be totally rid off from schools and would be replaced by electronic devices but I am convinced that process is only question of time. Why? It is cheaper, more attractive, more convenient and probably gives better results. Even it will not be implemented as a primary method of education in each levels (from many reasons) e-learning tools maybe used as supplement to more conventional methods.

Access to information (learning materials)
Nowadays, Internet is everywhere and we can find any information in it. Access to the information is not the problem anymore, the problem is to select them and find the best source of it. Thanks google that process is more and more easy but still not perfect!

Development of Web 2.0 and community-made-content always rise the problem of reliability of information. Look at wiki technology that from one side gives unlimited and free access to knowledge but from other sides still make suspicions of the value and reliability of the information.

Free information is a threat to publishers!
Open source movement and wiki based websites offering a free software and free access to knowledge maybe a dead-threat to publishers that take their profits from selling for instance books. Despite many of them says “we do not sell books, we sell knowledge” who will want to buy the knowledge if it would be (almost) for free.

Thanks to Rile for the course and assignment form and thanks to my blogger-mat! Special thanks to Borys, BelaMBA, Man1ana, e-grasshopper, DzejDzej, Blogproof for intersting blogs and comments. I wish I didn’t read all of the posts yet. ( I hope I will manage to do it)

It was new experience to write that blog. Even now I know I didn’t go through all of problems of e-learning. Probably each next day I will discover new tools and new ideas because internet is probably the fastest developing business environment.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LONELYGIRL15 not so lonely anymore...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Our time in Sweden

Well, We are now in Sweden, Stockholm, Hotel Oden - I do not recommend.
We were sitting in the hotel and ... Integrate. Quite interesting. We met some students from Russian MBA and changed some opiononions. It is 2,45 a.m. I can not go to sleep without that post. :)
Tommorow is going home time. Good but I will miss it.

Forty4 from Sweden.
I wish that PC do not have an USB port.....

Friday, September 08, 2006

Less than three weeks left

posted by rille @ 14:16

Today I took a look at the situation. According to my notes there are 28 registered blogs, of which many are just one post. On the other hand, some of you are doing just fine.
I do not know how many students are in the class, but more than the registered blogs I guess. Most likely those who have not yet created a blog will not make an acceptable assignment.
Neither will those of you who have made only one or two posts...

Please feel to publish what you think about the assignment. Either as posts in your blogs, or by commenting others thoughts on this subject (but I might miss reading such comment).

And I hope you bear with me as I grade your efforts. Quite a complicated task...but you will help. More on that later on.


I confirm that such way of assignment is more time consuming. But let’s remember, that lot of that time we spent on learning blogging. Next time it will be easier.

I must say I like that form of assignment very much. I like it not only because it gives a real possibility to learn a lot and forces writing systematically. I like it because it gives a possibility to follow activities of other students. I can read their posts, exchange opinions, discuss. Thanks to that I will learn not only about e-learning (subject of my blog) but also about other problems or e-tools. Even if I did not follow all blogs at the moment (despite there are few of them) after you/we will grade them I hope I will have possibility to read them later on. (so dzejdzej please don’t delete your blog please!)

Unfortunately, despite good idea about blogging form I must say that it hasn’t worked as I expected. We have only few blogs that are published with more then 5 posts...

this text is also posted as a rill's blog comment